Meet Peggy Bergon

While on a horse pack trip in the late 1970’s in the San Juan Mountains of southwestern Colorado, I began to notice writing on the aspen trees. This was not the run-of-the-mill graffiti, but beautiful cursive handwriting along with charming pictorials and dates from the 1940’s all the way back to the teens. Completely captivated, I began to photograph the carvings or arborglyphs. I continued to photograph as a weekend hobby for 15 years while living at the foot of the continental divide. After the devastating Missionary Ridge fire of 2002, which destroyed nearly 75,000 acres nearby, the fragility of the arborglyphs became even more apparent. Now, I spend most summer weekends hunting and photographing these quickly vanishing cultural gems and have a collection of several thousand photographs.


Let me share my passion for this unique bit of history at your next meeting! I present an approximately 45 minute slide show (power point) and am happy to answer audience questions. I also have a mobile photograph show of 30 photographs with explanatory text.

To inquire about arrangements or to have any questions answered, please contact me at

* Prints, Cards and small Calendars available upon request